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Welcome to Sara's Fabulous Weddings

Hi everyone and welcome to my site and of course huge congratulations to those of you who have just got engaged!

I am here to help you get the most out of your wedding and ensure that you have a fabulous, fantastic day.

With the recent change in legislation once you have applied to the Superintendent Registrar I am now able to perform your complete (non-religious) wedding ceremony, more or less wherever, whenever and however you want....within the confines of a solemn and dignified wedding naturally!

I can also now marry couples of any gender (about time too!).

It’s really important that we work well together and establish a level of trust and confidence so the first meeting will be without obligation where I can explain the whole legal process to you.

I’ve got plenty of experience and loads of ideas and suggestions to share with you.

I look forward to meeting you and beginning this awesome adventure so get in touch….

I wish you every happiness, lots of laughter and love, Sara x

About Sara

I am a fully qualified Authorised Civil Celebrant which allows me to conduct the complete wedding ceremony for anyone wishing to get married outside of a religious ceremony.

I have successfully passed all the training provided by the Superintendent Registrar and I work under the auspices of the Superintendent who regulates and monitors the service I provide.

I have a unique background in managing events ranging from Royal Visits and V.I.P. visits in Jersey, to smaller chic gatherings. My current work requires expert coordination skills and organisational expertise that are second to none, with specific attention to detail.

I am a LGBT+ champion and I have established strong partnerships within the LGBT+ community so I would love to welcome couples of any gender.

It’s important to ensure that you like your Celebrant and that you have every trust in me and of course that you feel comfortable and relaxed. This will be one of your most important days so I want you to have 100% confidence in the service I provide. I’m happy to spend time discussing exactly what you want and getting to understand you as a couple to make sure you get the fabulous wedding you deserve.


As a fully Authorised Civil Celebrant I can offer an intimate and personal wedding ceremony or a larger, busier event… it’s your choice, I want it to suit you as a couple.

I can design a bespoke ceremony around your legal vows and at the end you will get a copy of your very own ceremony as a keepsake.

The law is now more flexible which allows me to conduct any ceremony between the hours of 08.00a.m. to 7.00 pm. Providing the location is approved and the ceremony remains dignified and respectful you can have any kind of ceremony at more or less any location- but we can discuss that in more detail when we meet.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute to book your Celebrant. Good Celebrants get booked up well in advance and the more time we have, the better the preparation. It also tends to get very busy in the summer months.


“Consider what you spend on all the paraphernalia for your wedding, e.g. dress, cake etc. and then work out how important an awesome Celebrant is to you. How important is it to you that your Celebrant has that professional experience and presence to engage everyone and leave fabulous memories of an awesome day?

My fees are based on providing that awesome service.

● Each booking will include an initial consultation and up to 1 further meeting (if required), including a rehearsal (always recommended) and of course the ceremony itself.

● Verification of all legal documentation and provision of formal wedding certificates.

● Support for the ceremony and advice and assistance in respect of content of wedding script as well as readings and poetry or whatever you want to make your wedding just fabulous.

● Additional services also available, including event planning and specialist, professional advice.

● Simple, no frills non-religious wedding service at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar – starting from £200.

● Non-religious, luxury wedding ceremony or conversion to marriage ceremonies at a location, time or date of your choice – starting from £400.

A 50% Booking Fee is required at time of booking and the balance will be required 1 month before the ceremony.

Superintendent Registrar fees must be paid direct to that office and are not included.”


Click Here for more information from the Office of the Superintendent, there is some relevant information you need to know before we meet!

For some extra advice 6 Wedding Schedule Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

General Guide to getting married and Honeymooning in Jersey

And here’s 10 things you really should be asking your Authorised Civil Celebrant:-

1. Are you available on our date?

2. What can you offer?

3. What can’t you provide?

4. What are your qualifications/ experience?

5. What style of service do you provide?

6. What are your fees?

7. What is included and not included?

8. What is your deposit/ cancellation / refund policy?

9. What happens if you are ill or unable to make our wedding?

10. Will you manage all the legal paperwork?


If you are interested in the services I provide please use the form below to get in touch with me! Please can you include the name of your partner, the intended date of the wedding, and any contact details.

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